Haren Nayar
Meet Haren, the ultimate concert freak! He knows all the best parties, concerts, and club nights in town. He's also on the lookout for part-time jobs to support his adventurous lifestyle. With his innocence and friendly nature, Haren is the person you can trust for insider tips and advice. Join Haren on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant nightlife scene, and get ready to rock and roll!
From- Chennai, India
School- Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chennai
College- Trinity College Dublin
Course- Global Business
Year- Graduate 2023
Societies Joined in College- Trinity Indian Society, TES, etc.
Committee positions- TED(International Office, PR ambassador), Global Business(Class Rep)
Favourite spot in College- PAV
Favourite Indian Restaurant- Dosa Dosa
Favourite hangout spot in Dublin- Token near Phoenix Park
Favourite Bar in Dublin- Wetherspoons (coz cheap af innit)
Favourite Club in Dublin- Dtwo
Part-time Experience- Supermarket (Spar) - Shop Floor Supervisor

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