Pradyumn Bhardwaj
I'm Pradyumn Bhardwaj, and I'm thrilled to welcome you all to my channel. As a fourth-year computer science student at Trinity College Dublin, I've had an amazing experience living in Ireland as an international student. And now, I'm excited to share that experience with all of you. In the past four years,
I've explored this beautiful country and learned a lot along the way. I'm eager to share my knowledge and insights on everything from the best places to visit in Ireland to tips for finding affordable deals. Through this channel, I aim to provide valuable information and offer a glimpse into my exciting journey in Ireland. I hope you'll enjoy watching my videos as much as I'll enjoy creating them.
From- Noida, India
School- Amity International School, Noida
College- Trinity College Dublin
Course- Integrated Computer Science
Year- 5th
Societies Joined in College- Trinity Indian Society, Trinity Karate, DUCSS, Trinity Cricket, etc.
Committee positions- Trinity Indian Society(President, Secretary, MOC), Trinity Karate(Captain, Secretary)
Favourite spot in College- Botany Bay
Favourite Indian Restaurant- Istanbel
Favourite hangout spot in Dublin- Henry Street
Favourite Bar in Dublin- Temple Bar
Favourite Club in Dublin- Tramline
Internship Experience- SDE Intern Mastercard 2023

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